When it comes to health, there is one golden rule: only the best is good enough ‒ and in this sector, the same can be said about information and communications. If high-quality translations are to be realized, in-depth knowledge of the industry and its challenging environment is indispensable, in addition to language skills. 

Technically, our specialist medical translators are fully up to speed with all the latest developments in the industry and are conversant with the terminology. Similarly, when addressing the target audience, they know those small yet fine and all-important nuances of vocabulary and culture. With no doubt, there’s a sensitive side to this environment, and we guarantee absolute, unerring discretion. Reaping the benefits of Syntax’s know-how are a number of well-known organizations in the Swiss healthcare sector.

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It’s not just tried-and-tested language skills that make Syntax so convincing. There’s also the flexible allocation of capacity. Then there’s the personal relationship ‒ for successful and productive teamwork, this factor should not to be underestimated.