Since 1984, Syntax Translations Ltd has been providing a comprehensive, modular set of language services to discerning customers from the service and manufacturing industries, as well as from the realms of business, science, culture, education and sport – services from a single source that cover all the world’s common business languages, all communications media and channels, and the most wide-ranging fields and industries.

Our customers include companies and organizations of all sizes that are rigorous in the way they value dependability, security, confidentiality and Swiss quality and appreciate highly professional process and project management. Certification in line with the ISO 9001 standard bears it out: from the very beginning, thanks to the success of quality assurance steps that also include a sentence-by-sentence comparison of the source and target texts, Syntax Translations has been practising quality management at the highest level.

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We all know it: when it comes to reputation and corporate success, it’s the little things that make the difference. So you, as the customer, have every right to expect us to deliver high-quality services. When we give you our support, we are both professional and committed. And in doing so, we will not rest on our laurels. Each and every day, we will continue to strive for an improvement in our services and our dialogue with you, and thus further enhance the way we work together. Maximum satisfaction for our customers is our top priority. Feel free to put us to the test!

The network

We maintain a close-knit, longstanding cooperation with our experienced partners.

We work closely with other network partners in the areas of prepress, technical documentation and information management.

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We used the Syntax smartphone app for simultaneous translations into three languages – German, English and French – which meant we could profit from innovative technology and do without costly installations. There were 13 interpreters involved, who worked remotely from different countries.