At Syntax, you can choose

When it comes to language management, no matter what your strategy and requirements happen to be: at Syntax, you choose the process that’s exactly right for you – from personal contact and dialogue, through to system-supported connectivity.


Words are at the heart of every message: lively, distinct texts that take proper account of the target audience add that certain something to your corporate or product communications. With our network of partners (communications professionals, copywriters, technical editors, etc.) we will support you with fresh ideas when compiling original content.

There’s enough material that’s boring. On your behalf, we’ll create engaging and exciting plot lines for your target audience. As an all-round enterprise at the focal point of a broad-based network, we can put you in touch with the perfect text specialist who’ll know exactly what you want – whether it’s in relation to your industry or target audience, the type of text, or the envisaged communications channel. 


Everything under control: our order processing system makes it easy for you to work with Syntax, and also gives you complete transparency. Thanks to our made-to-measure customer portal, you’ll always be fully up to date on the status of your projects (including their scope and pricing details).

When processing your orders, we use business and workflow management software that’s the state of the art in the translation business ‒ software that can be tuned to individual work sequences and requirements, while allowing maximum automation and flexibility. It lets us optimize our internal procedures, and the way we work with our customers. You, too, will see the benefits that come with the customized integration of jobs into the project workflow: you’ll be informed automatically about the status of your jobs, and you can review your job parameters via your own password-protected customer login.

Direct contact

The small but all-important difference: in the interests of the kind of quality that you, the customer, expect, we enable you to make direct contact with our specialist translators or copy editors. This is in total contrast to the standard practice amongst language services providers.

Take advantage of the shortest communications channel: direct contact between the customer’s project management team and our specialists means that misunderstandings or uncertainties don’t get a chance, and also helps rule out inefficiencies and time-wasting. Unresolved issues or queries are then discussed directly, as and when they occur – non-bureaucratically, flexibly and efficiently.


Systematic translation: there’s more to contemporary foreign language management than translation alone. Embedded in the processes are technical interfaces, platforms and systems that allow you and ourselves to be effective when optimizing quality, lead times and the costs incurred when creating and managing your language versions.

Modern systems and platforms increase the quality of translations, as well the security and efficiency of the translation process. Which is why we also offer a direct – in other words Internet-based – translation service into the target language in your online publication system (content management or editorial system). As a result, you will always know exactly what’s happening.

For example, Censhare: you’ll gain from the universal integration of your translation processes into this leading editorial system, made available by our partner Mondays Modern Media (gateB). Censhare enables:


On-site deployment

It’s better to be on the spot: despite all the technical interfaces, for some projects it can be better when your translation partner is on site with your company for a defined period of time. We’re always open to such practical solutions.

Occasionally, very close, central collaboration on the customer’s premises is required, due to staff shortages, a lack of expertise, highly confidential, time-critical or last-minute projects, or jobs that call for an intense exchange. Just one more reason why we are the right destination for you! If necessary, our qualified translators or copy editors will relocate to your company, to provide on-the-spot, professional and flexible support.


If that wasn’t enough to meet your needs, then take advantage of our modular services concept. It allows any combination of skills and processes with any language, type of text and communications medium.

Off-the-peg translation services are not for us. As a provider of high-quality language services, we welcome a challenge. Our service spectrum covers even the most unusual demands, and offers you the added value that you would expect from a leading provider in the sector.


Syntax is a highly professional and dependable partner. Apart from the usual language skills, we are mainly won over by the speed and flexibility with which Syntax responds to our enquiries.