For many people, law may seem a mystery – not so for our specialist legal translators. Their deep-seated legal experience plus their knowledge of the specific legal situation and terminology are key requirements when it comes to the accurate and unambiguous translation of documents with legally relevant information. 

This is a task that becomes all the more of a challenge when, in the country of the target language, the legal system, laws, institutions or procedures differ from the country of the source language. We translate legal texts of all hues and from the most varied legal fields – also notarially certified if requested. In addition to a high standard of quality, absolute confidentiality is our top priority.

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Ambiguity or a lack of clarity have no place in legal documents. It’s always evident that the specialist translators at Syntax have in-depth knowledge, and this is matched by an exceptional command of the language. Direct contact with the translator is a further bonus that we really appreciate.