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Syntax is the language competency center for high-quality communication.

We offer tailored and flexibly structured services – from translation to interpreting, from corporate language to content services. Every project receives individual and personal support. Technology plays a central role at Syntax and drives the quality and efficiency of our work. We help our customers express themselves correctly, not only in terms of subject matter, but linguistically and culturally as well.

Syntax has also supported sports for more than 20 years, with a special emphasis on young athletes.

We make every language your language


Language is the key to unlock
the gates to the world of communication.

Syntax is your ideal partner for important, high-quality communication. We support our customers in developing a distinctive corporate language and provide the decisive content services for it – from transcreation to copyediting to blog posts, ghostwriting and professional storytelling.

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Speaking your language
in any language.

If you want to communicate successfully on the global market, you have to express yourself in every language like you can in your own. Our translators know how to recognize cultural differences, how to take linguistic subtleties into account, and how to read between the lines.

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The art of human communication, paired with
the most modern communication technologies.

In order to translate what you want to say into other languages quickly and precisely, we require the highest linguistic competence and emotional intelligence from our interpreters. We use state-of-the-art technologies and work with the most up-to-date tools and apps, so we can increase the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your communications.

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Events & marketing, language services & tools

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For sports – for young people

We support sports – and with good reason! We believe that sports and, in particular, top-level sports are the best form of practical education possible. For this reason, we assist young athletes in their personal development and support selected projects and institutions that share our beliefs and our passion.