“In Syntax Translations, we have found a reliable partner with a keen affinity for sports who understands our language perfectly, and can provide us with both translations and simultaneous interpreting.”

René Will, Managing Director, PluSport Disabled Sports Switzerland

Swiss Ice Hockey Federation

“Ice hockey is a quick, dynamic sport. These qualities are also typical of our work outside the rink. We plan for the long-term, and have to be able to react quickly in several languages – in German, French and Italian. Thanks to having extended our partnership with Syntax, we will in future be able to continue communicating and acting quickly, directly and effectively in all languages.”

Patrick Bloch, CEO, Swiss Ice Hockey


“Syntax is regarded as a highly sports-oriented company – that’s something we can observe every day in our partnership with them. We really appreciate working with Syntax, because professionalism, passion and speed are just a few of the attributes that we at Swiss-Ski share with them, and that inform our daily lives.”

Bernhard Aregger, CEO, Swiss-Ski

Swiss Handball Association

“We really like working with Syntax, because they are highly competent and have a lot of experience in the sports sector – and also because they are truly devoted to Swiss sports.”

Jürgen Krucker, CEO, Swiss Handball Association (SHV)

Swiss Gymnastics Federation

“Across all of Switzerland, Syntax is known as the most sports-friendly company in the field of text production, translating and interpreting. We really appreciate our collaboration with Syntax because professionalism, passion and speed are important values to us too. Syntax provided professional support when translating our workbook ‘Sportverein 2030’.”

Manuela Geiser, Head of Association Management, Swiss Gymnastics Federation – STV