Proofreading & final check

Better safe than sorry: proofreading at Syntax assures the quality of the language on the surface of a text. As part of the final check, we inspect your documents just before they are published.

When we proofread your texts – without running a comparison with the source text – we check for spelling, punctuation and grammar.

We will also prepare translated texts for publication: at the final check or “OK-to-print” stage – as agreed with you and in line with your preferences – we look for compliance with the original layout, typography and graphics, and we also check the match between images and captions along with spelling, punctuation and word breaks.


Quality is a commitment: certification of the company in line with the international ISO 9001 standard is proof of the priority that Syntax gives to quality and quality assurance. Even stronger affirmation comes from the positive feedback that Syntax receives from the marketplace: above-average customer satisfaction is the logical result of our ongoing commitment to quality in all areas.

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Price models

As your source texts, preferences and requirements differ, so do the price categories that apply to our services. Our charges are based on working time and/or a standard line count, or derived from set-fee and retainer agreements.

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More competencies

Advice & project management

Genuine dialogue makes all the difference: Syntax sees foreign language management as a task that’s based entirely on working together in a spirit of partnership. For every project, we join forces with our customers to define the processes, structures and responsibilities – individually, and always with the solution in mind.

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Versatility in many languages: Syntax translates out of and into more than 40 languages, finely tuned to your own special preferences. In each language, we are familiar not only with the terminologies and text types but also the specific requirements of the prescribed communications media. 

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Copy editing & quality assurance

It’s a fact! Four eyes are better than two. Copy editing by Syntax guarantees that your texts are complete and correct. It also provides that final polish while making sure that the texts we translate are stylistically fit for purpose. 

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Terminology & glossaries

The uniform use of language is important, and adds value: depending on your requirements and instructions, Syntax will take care that the use of your company’s terminology and linguistic style ‒ the so-called corporate language ‒ is consistent. The use of translation memory systems (CAT tools) will boost quality, uniformity and efficiency in the translation workflow.


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Syntax supports us with the French version of our ‘Immo-Monitoring’. A copy editor familiar with our sector and its terminology conducts a skilled and accurate examination of translations that we produce in-house. As part of the final check, a proofreader then verifies the quality and gives the final linguistic polish.